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Flight of Friendship ・Hugs From America ・From Oregon with Love ・オレゴンから愛


On March 11, 2011 a magnitude 9.0 undersea earthquake and ensuing series of Tsunamis struck off the coast of the Tohuku Region.
Since the events of that tragic day, the region has been further hit by nuclear radiation fallout, a major Typhoon and numerous more earthquakes.


From May 29 to June 6th, the first international grass roots delegation comprised of individuals from Hawaii, Washington, Florida, New York and Oregon, sent a approximately 70 volunteers to assist in hands-on relief efforts, as well as show that the region is open for business and tourism. Promoting business and tourism is one of the biggest ways we can help in giving some relief.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words and this is especially true through the eyes of an experienced photographer. Below, please find links to photo galleries of the delegation in Tokyo and to the Tohoku region of Japan. These photos were taken by acclaimed Japanese photographer Ko Majima.

If you would like to order a DVD with all 10 galleries (700+ pictures) including full size JPG formatted versions of the picture files (average 1.5 MB each that can be blown up to regular photo-sizes or even poster-sized) that you can do with as you like (post to blogs, send to friends, etc.), please send your mailing address via email to fellow delegate Erica Naito-Campbell and she will forward you a mailing address to send a check.

[all proceeds will be remitted to Ko-san to help defray some of his expense in creating these magnificent galleries]

Click on galleries below, to view thumbnails of pictures.

Gallery 1
US Embassy ・アメリカ大使館
Ambassador John Roos extends some words of encouragement prior to departure.

Gallery 2
Fuji tv headquarters ・フジテレビ
CEO Hieda-san and former producers of the tv-series From Oregon With Love sponsor a departure lunch.

Gallery 3
Tokyo Oregon Bar & Grill Reception ・東京 汐留 パティーのオレゴンバー&グリルレセプション
A show of support from Hawaii Senator Daniel Inoue, as well as Japanese with Oregon ties give a last night's dinner send off.
Azuman Travelpeace winds japan

Gallery 4
Tohoku transit ・東北高速自動車道路
The 80s hit band Nu Shoes does a great job of helping entertain the delegation en route to Sendai.

Gallery 5
Sendai-local Fuji tv station・仙台のフジテレビ 放送局レセプション

Gallery 6
Sendai-Nishihonganji Temple ・仙台 西本願寺

Gallery 7
Sendai-Ishinomaki ・仙台 石巻 小学校
Hands-on clean up effort and playing with local children.

Gallery 8
Sendai-Kesennuma ・仙台 気仙沼
Hands-on clean up effort at a residence.

Gallery 9
Sendai-Hotel Reception ・仙台 ホテル パーティー
Last night together.

Gallery 10
Asakusa Temple ・浅草雷門
Last tour stop before departure to Sendai.